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Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation

Websites are working harder than ever before, but how can your’s stand out from the billions of pages on the internet. We start the digital marketing process from the very beginning, designing and programming all our new sites with search engine ranking in mind, whilst not compromising the creative design. Don’t panic though if you've just spent a fortune on a new site, most of our techniques can be retro-fitted.

Once the site is running we will advise you how to keep it up there in the organic search listings, this can include adding new content, and keeping key pages updated and relevant using a content management system.

The next step is what to do with your online marketing budget. Should you use Google or Overture for pay-to-click? how do you write the adverts? which part of your site do you direct the ads to? how do you track responses? how do you get the most from your budget? We’re here to help, with years of experience we can manage your online campaigns to optimse their response, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Viral marketing is the new buzz word but whats it all about? You’ve probably heard of YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and the like but how can you tap into the millions of users accessing these social networking sites everyday, and put your products and services infront of them? We can show you how to release the potential of these new channels.

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