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Direct Mail

The doormat of many people’s homes and businesses is becoming very crowded, with more and more products fighting for your attention, even in the digital age.

Long before email the words ‘Junk mail’ were used to describe much of the direct mail we receive. So how do you make sure your direct mail doesn't head straight for the bin?

A properly designed, targeted, well-delivered direct mail campaign can still generate great results but only if it package’s your information in a format that entices the recipient to read it and act on it. Unfortunately most companies still believe in driving the cost of their direct mail down as low possible, poor quality printing with cheap design ideas as they sometimes even believe themselves that most of it will end up in the bin. This is a downward spiral as the budget is compressed so too is the response.

We’re not saying that we only produce elaborate campaigns with complicated personalised print specifications but we will be realistic about the budget. Research has shown that good creative design and high quality print combined with efficient data handling and distribution will make all the difference.

Bose direct mail design and printing
First Group directmail campaign design and printing


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