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The design process - Creative campaigns that achieve results are no accident. This is how we do it.

Whatever your product or service and whoever your target audiences are, we follow a basic process to give us all a clear starting point to producing effective ideas that reach the right audience and generate results.

Define and agree the brief

This is where we break through to understand what you are trying to achieve. Who are your target audience? Why should they listen? What is the best media to engage them? What is your unique selling proposition, your products good and bad points?. This usually takes the form of question-and-answer sessions, but may also involve more structured market research. We will guide you through this process which will help us define the brief for you to sign off prior to us starting the work.

Design visuals

Once the brief has been agreed the creativity begins! We will develop initial ideas and concepts that will lead to the finished product. This may take the form of written copy, some scribbled ideas or full colour visuals.

Delivery into the marketplace

After the creative concepts have been approved by you, we will use all our joint experience to control the production process and delivery into the marketplace. This could be the in the form of a website launch, direct mail campaign, local or national press advertising campaigns etc. We will work with you to ensure a sustainable solution to your brief that reaches your target audience on time and on budget.

Refine and develop the on-going campaign

We don't leave you on your own once we have delivered the project, because thats when the response begins. We will help you track the results, analyse them, learn from then, and apply this knowledge to future campaigns. The whole process is organic and we will work with you to evolve and grow your business.

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